Indeed, God cannot be everywhere, so he has sent his Angels as DOCTORS with Excellence and Selflessness to us. I found this entirely true with Dr. Kshama Kulkarni, our best hope in those toughest times. On 10th June 2021, My newborn son was detected with a VUR Grade 5. We tried to search for the best doctor a pediatric surgeon and after many Google searches my wife suggested meeting Dr. Kshama Kulkarni based on the positive reviews on various websites. The Doctor is a down-to-earth personality whose primary purpose is to cure the disease and not to trouble the patient/family with unnecessary tests and procedures. She informed us in great detail about the problem and the various kinds of Surgical options available with the pros & cons of each. This helped us understand the procedure and also the risks involved. However, as a pediatric Surgeon and during & post Surgery care Dr. Kshama Kulkarni’s role was most critical. Her confidence in seeing the vision of the child post Her confidence in seeing the vision of the child post-surgery journey was so clear that it gave us confidence. Finally, once the surgery finished Dr. Kshama Kulkarni called us & explained the whole procedure went as per plan and the surgery was successful. The most elating experience was that during our 20-day stay post-surgery, there was not a single day when Dr. Kshama Kulkarni did not visit even on a Sunday she was there on time. I have not seen any doctors having that level of dedication. Finally, we got discharged on the 20th day as planned and are currently on a path of recovery and am glad to see my son normally. We thank God and Dr. Kshama Kulkarni for their great support. Please contact me if you need any further feedback, I will be happy to speak with anyone if I can be of any help.Thanks & Regards,