Home safety rules for kids

We all know that due to Covid lockdown the kids are continuously at home and keeping them busy at home and avoiding boredom is a big task for parents. Keeping a watch continuously on them to is not always possible, and injuries are a part and parcel of the plays the kids do.However if you follow some precautions, you will be able to avoid/ tackle these injuries in a better way . 1. Foreign body ingestion: Buy only toys which are childsafe . Kids have a tendency to explore /open the toys and remove the parts .many a times they put these small objects in mouth ,and some of these ( button batteries ,small bulbs, screws, sharp small parts) can be ingested ,causing injuries to the food pipe and intestine. 2. Foreign body aspiration: Avoid giving whole nuts to kids under 5 years of age eg. Whole cashews,almonds, peanuts ,some […]