Undescended Testis

A Parents Guide to understands all about Undescended Testis in Children from best pediatric surgeon in pune In recent times, there has been a concerning trend of parents bringing their children to medical professionals at a late age, sometimes as old as 10 years, with the problem of one or both testes not being in the correct position within the scrotum. This condition, known as undescended testis, is more common than many parents realize, and awareness about it is crucial for timely intervention and treatment. Sadly, some parents were misled by family members or general practitioners, who suggested waiting until the child was 3-4 years old, believing that the testes would descend on their own. Others were completely unaware of the abnormality, mistaking it for a normal variation in appearance. Additionally, some parents rushed to get sonography done based on their doctor’s advice, leading to unnecessary panic when the issue […]

Digital Version Dr KK’s Kidsurg Clinic: Championing Child Wellness

Paediatric surgery is a medical speciality that focuses on the surgical  treatment of newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. It is a rewarding yet challenging profession. The task of a doctor is doubly challenging, as their patients might be so small that they can’t even explain their problems. Paediatric surgeons are specially trained to diagnose, manage, and perform surgical procedures on young patients, addressing various congenital and acquired conditions. However, it is crucial to understand that they are treating a child, not an adult. Paediatric surgery encompasses various subspecialties, including neonatal surgery, paediatric general surgery, paediatric urology, paediatric cancer surgery, paediatric neurosurgery, and more. While it poses challenges, paediatric surgery in India has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, with a growing number of specialised centres and skilled professionals. Several names are emerging in this sector, but one that stands out for its exemplary yet personalised care is Dr KK’s Kidsurg […]


  MYTH 1: Hernia is a problem of middle n old age No, hernia is very common in children. Infact its very common in preterm babies. MYTH 2: only male children have a hernia No, even female babies too can have hernia .though incidence is more common in males ( 4: 1 = M: F) MYTH 3: Hernia will resolve as the child grows. No, in inguinal hernias,there is a sac in which the abdominal contents are pushed whenever the abdominal pressure rises,and they don’t close on their own, unlike umbilical hernias which can resolve. MYTH 4: some oral medicines will cure hernia No…. there is no oral medicine which will cure an inguinal hernia , as the pathology of an inguinal hernia is different. MYTH 5. 1. What are the potential complications of an inguinal hernia in children? 2. How common are hernias in preterm babies? 3. What is […]

Home safety rules for kids

We all know that due to Covid lockdown the kids are continuously at home and keeping them busy at home and avoiding boredom is a big task for parents. Keeping a watch continuously on them to is not always possible, and injuries are a part and parcel of the plays the kids do.However if you follow some precautions, you will be able to avoid/ tackle these injuries in a better way . 1. Foreign body ingestion: Buy only toys which are childsafe . Kids have a tendency to explore /open the toys and remove the parts .many a times they put these small objects in mouth ,and some of these ( button batteries ,small bulbs, screws, sharp small parts) can be ingested ,causing injuries to the food pipe and intestine. 2. Foreign body aspiration: Avoid giving whole nuts to kids under 5 years of age eg. Whole cashews,almonds, peanuts ,some […]