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MYTH 1: Hernia is a problem of middle and old age.

No, hernia is very common in children. In fact it’s very common in preterm babies. if you see a bulge appearing in the groin area of a child crying or straining, it’s mostly a hernia unless proven otherwise.

MYTH 2 : only male children have a hernia

No, even female babies too can have hernia although incidence is more common in males ( 4: 1 = M: F)

MYTH 3 : Hernia will resolve as child grows.

No, in inguinal hernias ,there is a sac in which the abdominal contents are pushed whenever the abdominal pressure rises ,and they dont close on their own unlike umbilical hernias which can resolve.

MYTH 4 : some oral medicines will cure hernia

No…. there is no oral medicine which will cure a inguinal hernia ,as pathology of inguinal hernia is different.

MYTH 5.Hernia and hydrocele in kids have same treatment.

No…in hydrocele diagnosed at birth, n confirmed by a Pediatric surgeon,we can wait till 1 to 1.5 years of age for resolution. But in inguinal hernias, early surgery is indicated to prevent life threatening complications

MYTH 6: Baby is too small to get operated for hernia

No… since complications can happen in hernia ,we usually advice surgery once the baby is safe for anesthesia, i.e around 45 weeks age ( those born preterm we wait till 45 weeks corrected age ).

Those kids who present late may be at 1 ,2 ,3 years  etc , we advice surgery asap.

MYTH 7: my child will need bedrest after hernia repair.

No.. your baby can walk n do all routine activities immediately after surgery.

MYTH 8 : if hernia seen on opposite side after surgery on one side  ,that means previous surgery failed.

No, there can be hernia of other side ,which may not be seen clinically or on sonography before operation of the presenting side ,hence we operate only on that side thats shows hernia.if later ,the opposite side shows hernia ,that doesn’t mean that its failure , it’s a new hernia which can be tackled with surgery.

MYTH 9. Hernia surgery in kids can be done by any surgeon.

No…like for medical conditions in kids you take them to child specialists ( pediatricians ) , likewise for any surgical conditions in kids,u need to consult a PEDIATRIC SURGEON.

They are superspecialists (M.Ch – pediatric surgery ) which is a degree after completing M.S General surgery. They know how to deal with the delicate tissues if children and give u the best surgical results.

So parents, next time you see a bulge in the groin of a child,i hope you will have some idea of what to do n what not to do for your child .Because ” Good parents always choose the best for their kids ”


Consultant neonatal & Pediatric surgeon


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