We all know that due to Covid lockdown the kids are continuously at home and keeping them busy at home and avoiding boredom is a big task for parents. Keeping a watch continuously on them to is not always possible, and injuries are a part and parcel of the plays the kids do.However if you follow some precautions, you will be able to avoid/ tackle these injuries in a better way .

    1. Foreign body ingestion:
    Buy only toys which are childsafe . Kids have a tendency to explore /open the toys and remove the parts .many a times they put these small objects in mouth ,and some of these ( button batteries ,small bulbs, screws, sharp small parts) can be ingested ,causing injuries to the food pipe and intestine.

    2. Foreign body aspiration:
    Avoid giving whole nuts to kids under 5 years of age eg. Whole cashews,almonds, peanuts ,some fruits with seeds( eg.custard apple,tamarind etc). As the molars are not developed, they won’t be able to chew the whole nuts well,and there are high chances that these enter the windpipe( trachea/ bronchus ) causing choking , breathlessness and many a times emergency bronchoscopic removal of foreignbody is needed ,as these tend to swell up and cause more problems if removal is delayed.

    3. Cuts / lacerations / CLWs:
    Avoid keeping furniture with sharp edges at home . If you can’t, atleast pad the sharp corners . Use double tapes at all sharp edges as these are the most common injuries we as pediatric surgeons see happening.
    In case your kid gets a cut , just put a sterile gauze and apply pressure, please DO NOT TRY HOME REMEDIES ,like applying turmeric n other products on wounds. If ur child has deep cut ,do not feed your child till u consult a doctor ,as if suturing is required ,your child may need anesthesia, and if you have fed ,then surgery gets delayed. Cosmetic suturing is the best option available for cuts , to give a minimal scar/ Scarless look. Its always better to go for cosmetic suturing for the wounds over face , rather than doing scar revisions later.
    Consult Pediatric Surgeon for the same .

    Scald burns ( steam ,hot water ,hot tea ,oil) , flame burns etc are quite common in kids. Take necessary precautions when kids are around.
    If your child gets any type of burn, hold the burnt part under running tap water ( room temp water n not ice cold ) for minimum 15 mins . There is a myth that water will cause infection/ pus / boils , its wrong . If you hold under water ,further injuries of deeper tissues are avoided. Do not apply anything over the wound till you consult your doctor,as applying nonsterile material cause more infections to the wound .
    Consult ur pediatricians or pediatric surgeon for the same .

    Stay home ,Stay safe and make ur home safe for the kids .

    MBBS,MS,MRCS(England),DNB,M.Ch( Ped.surg)
    Consultant Pediatric Surgeon/Ped.urologist