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How to prepare for surgery?

Its obvious that the whole family is always tensed when a child has to undergo some operation. But with advances in pediatric surgical care and anesthesia, along with state of the art infrastructure of hospitals, we make sure that your child will be safe and you will be relaxed if you follow the following tips

1. Discuss with your doctor about the plan of surgery , the advantages and complications before hand ,so that while signing the consent for surgery ,you will not be tensed.

2. Please come to the hospital on time on the day of admission,otherwise everything gets delayed.

3. Follow the instructions about feeding the child accurately… if you don’t follow it , there is risk for anesthesia, and surgery will get delayed or postponed.

4. Usually in kids , breastfeeding n water or clear fluids are allowed till 4 hours prior to the operation timing … while any solids including top milk or formula are allowed till 6 hours prior to surgery .
However, as each case is different, please follow strictly the guidelines told by your surgeon .

5. Remove all ornaments, threads or any other jewellery over the body of child ,before coming to hospital.

6. Make sure you bring all the past records ,investigations and admission paper on the day of admission for surgery.

7.For planned cases , check the type of room you want before the date of admission depending on your budget and availability.

8. Take estimate from the billing department about the expenses for surgery and stay, so that you will be prepared fully avoiding last minute delays and surprises .

9. If you have mediclaim, and want to go for cashless ,please submit your necessary documents to mediclaim department minimum 5 -7 days before the planned date for surgery .
Many congenital anomalies are not covered under insurance ,and the claims get denied , if you know about it before hand, you will be prepared for the expenses.
Its better to go for reimbursement, when your doctor tells you the possibility of rejection, as they are accustomed to how the denial of insurance for many congenital anomalies in children .

10. Though the hospital provides diet to the baby ,its better to keep some favorite foods or routine food the child takes ,as they may not like the taste of new food from hospital.

11. Keep a extra set of clothes, as you will need it while going home .

12. Keep the favorite toy or some plays to keep your kid engaged in it ,as they find the hospital atmosphere different and may become cranky .

13. Once you arrive to the emergency dept , your child will be taken for IV line insertion, if your doctor tells you to remain away ,please follow it.
Many a times ,in chubby babies ,establishing IV lines is difficult, don’t get nervous if the doctor takes a second prick ,it happens.
Make sure you keep the line safe to avoid further pricks .

14. Don’t get much emotional in front of your kids , you give them support and will make them strong to sustain the surgery .

15.lastly ,believe in your surgeon ,and trust Her/Him,they are there to treat your child the best .